Paving the Way to a Brighter Future

The best way to get the most out of your membership is to get involved. Immerse yourself in this organization and you'll graduate with more knowledge and experience than you could ever grasp with a textbook.

The goal of the point system is to help ensure that members attend meetings on a regular basis and are active within the organization, as well as provide a system to reward those who participate in many organization activities. Members who accumulate the appropriate points will be eligible for various prizes throughout the academic year, get priority consideration for funding & awards, and be eligible to wear a VSU-AMA stole at graduation. Members earn points by devoting time to committees, meetings, projects, events, etc. Points can also be deducted for misconduct, failure to fulfill obligations, missed deadlines, etc.

Membership level is based on points accumulated during the academic year (Fall, Spring, & Summer). Ideally, members will accumulate enough points to become an active member by the end of the fall semester, and a member with honors by the AMA collegiate conference in the spring semester. Points cannot be carried over from year to year; however, points are awarded for continuous membership.